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Bondita Dildos are the classic toy sex toy. Start out with a small dildo and work your way up the ladder to a large dildo for an experience second to none. Our collection ranges from realistic dildos to glass dildos for those seeking temperature play. View our range of dildos and choose the perfect one for your orgasmic bliss. At Bondita you can browse the best sex toys with absolute confidence as every toy is shipped discreetly and comes with a full warranty.

Discovering Dildos

Dildos are one of the favourites in the world of sex toy. Used to experience full penetration with a partner or on ones own, they are amazing ‘tools’ for internal stimulation.

They are specifically designed to compliment your internal contours, dildos are a fantastic to discover your G-spot. With G-spot-seeking curves, using one along side a vibrator is an exciting way to experience the elusive blended orgasm.

Historically a toy exclusively for people with vulvas, dildos are perfect for everybody. Why? Because everyone has a butt. Anal dildos and strap-on dildos are a first class choice for hitting the prostate (if you are male) and exploring anal pleasure.

To find the right dildo for anal play, simply ensure you’re opting for one with a wide base. This protects you from over-insertion and stops any unwanted adventures.

Which Dildo is right for me?

Luckily, come in a range of skin safe materials. You may like to try one made of silicone, or even a glass dildo (trust us, they’re amazing).

Dildos come in all sizes, textures and functionalities, to suit every taste. For those who are beginners with this most delightful toy, a simple slimline one is best

Once you’ve mastered the smaller end of the scale, why not start to explore other options, such as vibrating dildos, realistic dildos and if you’re really after some girth, giant dildos.

How to Use a Dildo With a Partner

Don't keep all the fun to yourself - a dildo ride is super to share with your lover.

They offer you the chance to experience double penetration without the need to enlist a third member (these puns write themselves). Please remember, if you’re going for anal play use plenty of anal lube.

Double-ended dildos are a great couple’s toy and can be used by men or women. They can be used vaginally or anally, all while facing your partner and pleasuring them at the same time. You can even use them alone, make sure you opt for a flexible one.

Have you tried  pegging? Using a strap-on dildo, couples can penetrate each other, all while keeping it strapped to their body. For hetero couples, pegging can be an exciting way to play with role-reversal. For lesbian couples, they’re the perfect toy to experience deep vaginal penetration.