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Male Masturbators

Bondita's male masturbators are designed and crafted to take you from zero to orgasm with as much pleasure as possible along the way. If you’re looking for a blowjob toy, cock stroker or a male vibrator look no further. At Bondita you can browse the best sex toys with absolute confidence as every toy is shipped discreetly and comes with a full warranty.


Looking to Buy a Male Masturbator?

Did you know that male masturbators are fast becoming the number one, most popular male sex toy around. Millions of these innovative male masturbators have been sold worldwide. More and more people are embracing male masturbators, their amazing reputation continue to grow, with many discovering new heights of pleasure they didn’t think possible until now.

What is a Male Masturbator and Why Are They So Popular?

Male masturbators offer realistic textured inner sleeves made from high-quality Superskin material, which simulate the sensations of vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. These super-satisfying male masturbators come in a wide range of styles. Some feature vaginas or butts, others resemble mouths, perfect for that blowjob fantasy you may be after. A great feature of most male masturbators is their ingenious packaging. While they are soft and smooth on the inside, male masturbators comes in a firm plastic case, disguising it as an torch. This makes them discreet and easy to store.

Why Use a Male Masturbator?

A great reason to buy any sex toy is that it makes you feel good. In case you need more persuading, there are a couple more reasons to treat yourself. For one, using a male sex toy that feels so much like a real vagina, butt or mouth, may help you to increase your sexual stamina. When using your toy you can learn to recognise your point of no return before it comes (pun always intended) and apply this knowledge to sex with a partner. Many men say that these types of male masturbators allow them to understand their own pleasure better. Regular use can help people enjoy a longer, more sensual wank and become a better lover. Another reason to get one is the sheer sensation you can discover when using a male masturbator, that you just can’t get with your hands. With add-ons, such as the shower mount adaptor which lets you enjoy aquatic play, many men are discovering a new world of pleasure. Finally, you don’t have to enjoy your toy on your own. Plenty of couples are bringing these innovative wonders into their bedrooms in order to fulfil the threesome fantasy. It’s the toy that keeps on giving.