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Sex Toys for Men

Our male sex toys bring you pleasure whenever you like for those who enjoy solo sessions or with a partner. Here you will find the world’s best-selling male masturbators, penis pumps to increase stamina and get harder or you may want to adventure the joys of prostate play. Our extensive range of Male Sex Toys means that whatever pleasure you seek, we’ve got it covered. At Bondita you can browse the best sex toys with absolute confidence as every toy is shipped discreetly and comes with a full warranty.

Why Use Male Sex Toys?

Female sex toys have been all the rage for decades (the oldest dildo is estimated to be 28,000 years old!). However when it comes to sex toys for men, they haven’t always been met with the same level of enthusiasm.

Fortunatley, our sex lives have become more diverse over time. Opinions surrounding pleasure and sex toys have allowed men to experiment with specific male pleasure toys. Men using male masturbators is a growing trend (due to the many benefits they can offer) and heading to be the new norm.

There are loads of reasons for men to try out new sex toys. Male sex toys are not only used for pleasure, but they can actually help you to become a better lover.

While using a masturbator, one can improve your sexual stamina by taking yourself to the edge of climax and then backing off (edging). This allows you to train yourself for increased indurance and gain more control of your pleasure.

Male sex toys also add another level of intensity to couples play. Toys, such as cock rings, have the power to enhance your erection and boost its staying power. Some rings even vibrate, delivering pulses of pleasure to you and your lucky lover.

Types of Sex Toys for Men

With so many unbelievable male toys on the market, theres never been a better time to have a penis.

Sleeves, strokers and sex dolls are perfect designed for penis play. These can be used alone, or added to couples' play to simulate threesome fun.

Prostate massagers, butt plugs and anal beads allow you to get that back door in on the fun. Add a butt plug to a blow job for a blow-your-socks-off orgasm. That we are sure you will love.

Bondage toys such as nipple suckers, nipple clamps and spankers are suitable for all men and women - after all nipples and butts are universal.

How to Choose the Perfect Male Sex Toy

When choosing a male pleasure toy, please consider the below.

Firstly, where do you want to stimulate? Penis? Balls? Prostate? All three at once? Male sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, it’s up to you where you’d like to treat.

Secondly, how much do I want to spend? Sex toys for men range in price, from the simple cheap pieces, to the high-tech male masturbators of the future, there’s something to suit every budget.

When choosing your male sex toy, consider if you fancy keeping it all to yourself or whether you’ll share it with a partner. For thrilling couples play, a cock ring with vibrating stimulators is a good choice. While a masturbator paired with a generous splash of water-based lube will provide wonderful solo play.