Discovering Lubricant

Wetter is better, and that is a fact. We believe everyone should try lube at least once, and bet you will be hooked once you do. No matter what you want, whether its lube for sex, anal lubricant female-friendly formulas or something to add extra tingle to your mingle, you’ll find it all here.

Why Do People Use Lube?

For some strange reason lube has a bit of a strange reputation. It seems many people think this marvellous liquid is a treat only to be enjoyed by the lovers on the older end of the scale. And while we love our sexy seniors, lube is for absolutely everyone.

Just a squirt of the good stuff and you can elevate your couple’s play, add a new dimension to masturbation, reduce the risk of breaking condoms, and make anal adventures a heck of a lot more comfortable.

The reason lubricant is a must-have boudoir accessory is that it removes friction. This makes sex and masturbation even more pleasurable, as it reduces any possible chafing and supports insertion.

It is also absolutely essential for any sort of anal play. Because your tush does not provide its own lubrication the way a vagina does, it is really important to use a generous amount. Not only does this help with insertion, but it gives the receiver a much more pleasurable experience.

Which is The Best Lube?

Choosing the right lubricant really depends on where you are going to be putting it.

Water based lube is like that one friend who looks good in everything – it is a multi-talented beast. Not only is it condom safe, but it is always sex toy compatible, won’t stain your sheets and is easy to wash off.

Water-based lube is the best choice for anal play, too. Anal lubes are often thicker and some even boast formulas that relax muscles, for even better play.

The only downside of water-based lube is it is not as durable as other formulas. However, silicone based lubricant is great for long-lasting fun, as it takes a long time to dry out. It is also the perfect choice for sex in the shower.

For oral play there’s a wide range of flavoured lubes. These enhance oral sex by adding a tasty flavour into the mix. Treat your dick to a hint of caramel, or cover your cooch in raspberries – you can even pretend it counts as one of your five a day.

As well as enhancing glide, some lubricants have the power to give you tingly sensations. Warming, cooling and stimulating lubes are enriched with ingredients that turn up the volume on your pleasure. Some can even improve sensitivity, which could make it easier for you to reach orgasm.