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At Bondita we take a lot of time to select pleasure toys only of the highest standards at the best prices, giving you the greatest choice of sex toys online. Enjoy our huge selection of sex toys and bring fun into your sex lives with exciting new ways to play. At Bondita you can browse the very best sex toys and shop with condfidence as every toy is shipped discreetly and comes with a warranty

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1. Sex toys are for everyone

Delve into the wonderful world of sex toys and take your bedroom adventures to the next level. Whatever your sexual appetite desires, you’re bound to find the perfect adult toy to tickle your fancy.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your new favourite dildo, want to update your male masturbator, or are shopping for your very first sex toy, we have the best selling sex toys on the planet waiting for you to enjoy.

The joy of erotic toys is that they’re for absolutely everyone. No matter your age, gender, sexuality, or opinions on pineapple on pizza, we’ve got it all covered for you.

From toys for her, toys for him, gender neutral sex toys, toys reserved for your personal pleasure or couple’s toys to use together, a carefully selected bedroom buddy is always a good investment.

2. Share the fun – Couple’s toys spice up relationships

Trust us, the world of couple’s toys have changed a lot since the first marital aids hit the market. What was once seen as something only enjoyed by a very kinky few in high society has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Millions of couples all over the globe are using bedroom accessories to enhance their sexual satisfaction, desires, reclaim intimacy and build healthier, happier relationships (oh, and having orgasms – lots and lots of orgasms).

Products like cock rings, anal plugs and dildos are made for sharing. You won’t regret inviting one of our innovative couple’s toys into your relationship.

3. Buying adult toys online

Shopping for erotic toys can be daunting. Especially in the past, when we could only buy them face to face in shops. Luckily, you never have to set foot in a seedy sex toy shops again, thanks to the convenience of buying intimate pleasure toys online.

At Bondita, we don’t believe that anyone should ever feel sexually embarrassed. But we do understand your need for privacy – you don’t need the whole neighbourhood to know about your brand new butt plug. That’s why we’ve become masters of being discreet. All of our adult products are shipped to you swiftly, in plain boxes, keeping your treats for your privates exactly that, private.

As well as our secret spy-like discretion, we’re quite informed here at Bondita. As a result, our customer care chat lines are the place to be for getting the low down on everything pleasure toy related. Open from 9.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday our team are always there to answer your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of toy should I buy?

We know that buying an adult toy is a personal endeavor that requires research and thought. We’ve put together our ‘Complete Guide To Sex Toys’ in order to help you figure out what you’d like to try.

I need some advice about sex and/or making a purchase. Can you help?

Of course! Call or email us about any product questions or concerns. You can call us if you wish to speak to an assistant or send an email to

What items do you have?

Our selection is wide and varied to please a range of women, men and couples. We offer traditional dildo, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, masturbatory toys for men, accessories, lube and much more.